Simply put, we are here to set new precedents for the design industry.

With our sights set on a regenerative future, we are committed to a holistic approach in everything we do. Our work is research-based, materials-focused, and fosters values-driven growth and tangible impact. We work with our clients to help them prioritize systemic goals, harness emerging trends and technologies, and realize their long-term vision.

Unburdened by aesthetic agendas, our solutions emerge organically in response to our client’s most critical questions. This approach has manifested in a variety of forms—products, interiors, environments, experiences, and strategies—across multiple industries.

Our projects include:

  • Interiors for the first electrically-powered travel trailer
  • A collection of 3D-printed, plant-based lights
  • An experiential exhibition inspired by the California wildfires
  • A productized plant wall manufactured with fully circular materials

PROWL offers three pillars of service:

  1. Industrial Design

  2. CMF Strategy + Specification

  3. Design Strategy + Foresight

Industrial Design

We approach each and every design brief with a panoramic lens, evaluating a product’s development from top to bottom to best understand its possible human and environmental impact.

By collaborating closely with the industry’s most advanced manufacturers and suppliers to make use of emerging technologies and innovative materials, we are able to manifest informed and sustainable solutions that deliver real impact for our clients.

CMF Strategy + Specification

We are passionate about the improved future that will be made possible with innovative and responsible materials and processes. We tackle broad color-material-finish strategies and minor specification projects alike to make strides in bolstering the circular economy.

Design Strategy + Foresight

Our design strategy services align your company inward, taking a look at the challenges you face in your product portfolio, branding, manufacturing, and marketing to create a roadmap towards your organization’s sustainability true north.

Our Progress Projections will help you understand your industry-relevant challenges, establish unique goals in relation to emerging global themes, and move forward with confidence in a world of continuous change. Read more at the link below.