Proudly female-founded, we are a growing multidisciplinary team of forward-thinking specialists and creatives who dream of a brighter future.

We founded PROWL out of surmounting frustration about the environmental crises we have found ourselves in, paired with stubborn optimism and drive to reorient what we have created with more responsible practices. Like our name suggests, we are hunters. We believe there is always something new to be discovered or a better approach to be uncovered.

There is no forward movement without collaboration and the sharing of knowledge. We strive to build and inspire a global research and design community as we pursue our mission.

Baillie Mishler is the Co-Founder and Design Director of PROWL.

Her design roles at industry-leading companies such as Steelcase and Coalesse have instilled in her strong skills and detailed attention in industrial design, furniture production, color-material-finish development and specification, brand communications, and interior design.

Baillie is also Treasurer for IDSA’s Women in Design San Francisco Chapter.

Lauryn Menard is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of PROWL.

Her professional background has spanned the worlds of furniture, footwear, future forecasting, and material innovation in a global arena. She has worked with brands of all sizes such as Adobe, Nike, Apple, Google, Specialized Bikes, Concreteworks, Coalesse, MASH, Facebook, and others.

Lauryn is also a professor of BioDesign in the MFA Design program at CCA and is currently the Co-Chair of IDSA's Women in Design group in San Francisco.